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10 Simple Tips For The Perfect Roast Chicken

February 19, 2013


10 Simple Tips For The Perfect Roast Chicken:

  • Buy a pasture-raised bird; the flavor is so worth the price.
  • Season with salt, pepper and dried chives. Dried chives give the skin a caramelized effect, just like caramelized onions.
  • Leave bird out, and seasoned for 1 hour before cooking. This allows the salt to penetrate and dry the skin, resulting in a golden brown, crispy crust.
  • Cook bird at least 20 minutes per pound (at 400 degrees).
  • Baste, baste, baste! After the bird has been in for 30 minutes, baste every additional 10 until it is cooked through.
  • Let the bird sit for at least 10 minutes before carving. This allows the natural juices to be re-absorbed, meaning they’ll be in the meat, not running out all over your cutting board.


What Not To Worry About:

  • Trussing the bird. Letting the legs hang freely, as opposed to tying them together against the cavity of the bird, allow them to cook through and crisp.
  • Roasting the bird on a rack. Just not necessary. I like the way chicken turns out better when put directly into a large baking dish (do make sure the sides of the cooking vessel come at least 1/3rd of the way up the bird.
  • Flipping the bird (hehe), just put it in breast up and leave it alone.
  • Stuffing the bird. Yes carrot, celery, herbs, lemon and garlic are great flavor enhancers, but I think they interfere and lengthen cooking time. The more moisture put into the bird, the less the skin will crisp on the outside.


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