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Eat Like An Athlete

July 27, 2012

In Honor of the Olympic Games

You’re fired up and ready to go. Your coach just finished the pre-game pep talk and your ready to get out on the field, the court, the mat. You’ve been waiting for this day: your first game of the season. You’ve worked your ass off at practice, eaten well and slept well. You’ve been discipline. You’ve been honest. You don’t want to mess this up; you’ve worked too hard. Today is the day to play and win the game. You’re an athlete, surrounded by your teammates. Your competition is tough, but you’re in better physical condition. You’ve trained for this. Your opponent may be faster, but you can run them into the ground. You’ve got stamina, you’ve got drive. This is what you’ve trained for. You are the epitome of health: a lean, mean, fighting machine.

You take the time and put thought into nourishing your body each day, because you know you are going to exert yourself during competitions. Food is fuel. Your pre and post game meals are critical to your performance and recovery. If you eat the wrong foods or even too much of the right foods, you throw your body off-balance. Better to play it safe. Conversely, you wouldn’t dream of depriving yourself. You wouldn’t be able to make it through an hour of practice, let alone win a game. You drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and steer clear of caffeinated, sugary beverages. If you’re of age, any alcohol that is drunk is done in moderation. You know you can’t perform if you’re dehydrated. Sprint the length of the field with a hang over? You know you couldn’t do it, nor would you want to.

You get plenty of rest. You want to because you know you need to. Rest to recover, rest to perform. You listen to your body, because your body is your asset, your tool, your key to winning the game. You wouldn’t dream of taking your body for granted. Your health and physical wellbeing are the keys to your success. You are a leader and a team player. You are an athlete.

Does this resonate with you? I don’t care if you never made the varsity team in high school or college. Even if you are sitting on the couch, with a bag of potato chips in your lap, I know your adrenaline starts pumping for the season opener of your favorite team. Whether you’ve played a sport or not, you know what the life of an athlete entails. You know they work hard to look and perform the way they do.

This evening is the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, and I thought the perfect opportunity for us all to reflect on our health. Starting today, try to think about feeding yourself, the way an athlete does. A game is a limited competition, one to two hours out of the day. Think of how great you would feel if you were conscious of what you put into your mouth every day, at every meal. Channel your excitement and love for the Olympic games into self-awareness: how YOU nourish and exert YOUR own body.

YOU.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A!

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  1. August 3, 2012 7:58 pm

    Strong bib number Mr. Robinson, but it looks like #77 is visualizing the race (and potentially trash talking) like a real athlete while you smile for the cameras. Get in the game.

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