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Pure, White & Deadly

February 2, 2012

My husband emailed me this article with a note, “Possible blog entry?” this morning.  I know I’ve said it a thousand times, and will continue to do so, but if you want to feel better, improve your health and lose weight, you’ve got to cut down on sugar. Just look at Alec Baldwin, who eliminated sugar from his diet; he looks great.

If sugar is so bad for us, why do we crave it? Putting highly processed, modern sugar aside, all human beings are genetically wired to seek out sweetness for pleasure. As infants, our first taste of nourishment comes from our mother’s breast milk, which is inherently sweet, as is formula. It is from this moment on that our bodies continue to crave sweetness, for we have been taught that sweetness is literally the fuel of life. Beginning at childhood, we are rewarded with sugar. If we behave, we are given a sweet treat. I am not saying that sugar should be part of life, but rather acknowledging a definitive reason for our desire for it. Sugar comes in many different forms, all of which are absorbed, processed and utilized differently by our bodies. Second to fats and oils, sugar is the most concentrated source of calories. Despite the fact that sugar is pure energy, due to its caloric density, it is completely void of nutrients.

Lets’ take a look at sugar from more of a cultural perspective. According to Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotics, sugar is considered expansive because it enables rapid growth within the body. Diseased cells (cancerous for example) feed directly on sugar. When sugar is consumed, it immediately sends our body into frenzy, searching for the nutrients that sugar inherently lacks. We learned before that our bodies naturally know how to digest whole foods, but when presented with a “partial food” like sugar, the body goes to desperate measures to fill the void, extracting minerals from our very own bones and teeth. Every wonder why you “crash”, feeling absolutely exhausted after eating sweets? The term sweet tooth all of a sudden becomes hauntingly ironic.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, let’s change things up this year and NOT give our loved ones candy and or other treats loaded with sugar. I give myself a pass on dark chocolate (%75 or higher) and here is a brand that I am crazy for.

Want to really impress your loved one this year? Buy them a Vitamix, so together you can enjoy a decadent, guilt free, sweet treat smoothie like this:

Cacao Coconut Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup unsweetened, organic coconut milk

¼ cup raw cacao nibs

2 tablespoons ground hemp seeds

1/3 cup (approximately 1 small) frozen banana

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Add cacao nibs to Vitamix and blend on high speed, to a fine powder. Add all remaining ingredients and blend until silky smooth. No sugar, no sugar substitutes, good fat, protein, minerals…does a body good. Enjoy.

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  1. Marn permalink
    February 2, 2012 6:40 pm

    This why you need to write a book , this information is vital and entertaining. Instead of the frustrating ” just say no” approach you suggest why and what. The sweet treat smoothy is win win! Thanks

  2. February 4, 2012 6:28 am

    I really thankful to find this website on bing, just what I was looking for : D also saved to fav.

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