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Fatty Crab

January 30, 2011

Has this ever happened to you? You create what seems to be the perfect invention, only to find out someone else has the exact same idea AND they’re profiting from it. Well, Fatty Crab makes what I think to be an ideal cocktail: rum and coconut water, plain and simple. To make this not too strong, not too sweet cocktail, they poor dark (very dark, like molasses) rum right into a freshly opened young coconut. The water mellows the rum and you have the added benefit of scrapping the inside of the nut for its sweet, creamy flesh. It was a great social and stomach lubricant prior to a fiercely spicy meal. At Fatty Crab, the portions are small, because the spice and fat contents pack a punch. Our first dish was my favorite of the night and also the first time I have ever tried pork buns. The flavors were all there: sweet, savory, spice, salt and acid, all tucked inside of a light as air, chewy white bun. On the side were chilies, cilantro and pickled radishes to enhance and offset the rich pork belly filling.  Below is the remainder of our menu for four…that I now see is blatantly missing a crab option!


Steamed Pork Buns

Fazio Farms Fatty Duck | mustard greens, thai chili, gula jawa

Cod | pan roasted, turmeric roasted cauliflower, cauliflower puree

Curried Winter Greens

Coconut Rice

Nasi Goreng | house special fried rice


Rum and Coconut Water | Caribbean um served cold with freshly-cut Young Coconut

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